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Reading is to the mind, what exercise is to the body.

Down Home Blues  

A Novel 

Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in. 

Eden, Arkansas is a town you are from, not move to. But when divorce, foreclosure, domestic violence, and an all-expense paid trip (also called prison) disrupt the Washington siblings’ perfectly planned lives, they end up back down home. Homemade preserves and family dinners are welcome by-products of the move down home. Unfortunately, family members aren’t always singing in the same key. But just a few notes can switch a gloomy blues tune to the soundtrack for a good time. What song will the Washingtons play?

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Forty Acres 

A Novel

Folks sure do act funny, when it comes to money. 

No one gave the Washington family forty acres or a mule. C.W. Washington has risen from a sharecropper's son to one of the largest black landowners in the county. But a stroke has forced him to retire from farming, and he must decide what happens to his land. His children are coming home for the Fourth of July family reunion. The reunion should be a time of fellowship and fun. But this year, along with barbeque, fried catfish and hand-cranked ice cream, there'll be servings of suspicion, secrecy and greed. This Fourth of July, fireworks won't only be in the sky.


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